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Hit the ground running has certainly defined this season after the detailed autumn and spring coaching preparation work. Hundreds and half centuries have poured off the bats almost for fun (serious fun – of course) match clinching bowling + useful performance by UCCE players. The development phase has seen a clutch of huge hundreds – 2 being records with players already certain to achieve their 1,000 runs for the season.

How Are You Going?

At WILLOWMASTERS CRICKET COACHING we invite you to a more detailed world of cricket coaching – described by one grateful participant as – “forensic with empathy”.

Our cricket coaching programmes are carefully geared to suit each player level and devised alike for those ambitious to secure Representative County honours either at Youth or Ist class Professional level, those with ambition at Senior League levels aswell as those who enjoy the Leisure level, and of course, to all Colts age group players.


Here is a thought which we are coming across more and more often and has resonated with many. Do you have a young cricketer who belongs to a Club Section or a School, but does not seem to get as much opportunity as you (or he/she) would like. Important to respect the excellent work put in by all those Clubs around the South East with dozens of young cricketers having fun in their age group session each week.

Yet with the best will in the world there is a heavy restriction on the time which can be given to each individual within a group. In fact during a 1 to 2 hour practice session this may amount only to barely more than a few seconds of individual instruction as attention has to remain focused on the overall group.
We have calculated, for example, that in a tutoring style Willowmasters one to one batting session, the individual can easily bat for the equivalent of a 45 over innings. How much speed of development does that create.

Worth a thought! Worth the Investment.

Venues and Equipment

Willowmasters operates as a fully equipped, single location or a go anywhere mobile cricket coaching resource.

Coaching can take place either at selected indoor and outdoor venues throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex, or at your own venue.

We have the benefit of cricket facilities at 6 venues around the South East, ??and have operated out of numerous Club and school venues on behalf of Clubs and individual clients.

So we probably have you covered from Guildford to Canterbury and the Thames to the South Coast.


Sessions are available for individuals or for squads (club, school, county or other) either as single or in group bookings.

Timings can be arranged to suit any course make-up. Within a club or school group course involving 5 to 6 or more players – 30 to 45 minutes may work well. For consecutive individual one-to-one sessions 1 to 2 hours is the ideal. Squad sessions will almost always benefit from being a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Specific individual one-to-one coaching programmes maximise depth of learning with sessions of 1.5 hours or longer, although if just one skillset is to be worked on then 1 hour can suffice.

If technology aids are to be included, more time may be desirable for the session break accounting for the ‘classroom element’, the alternative being a stand alone ‘classroom’ session.

Skill-specific contemporary equipment and cricket machines, technical aids and i.t resources can be incorporated within or be a part of extra coaching sessions.

Sessions will contain strong technical evaluation and ‘individual specific’ advice with agreed recommendations for achievable resolutions in the key disciplines of batting, bowling, keeping and fielding. Importantly; the aim is to foster individual technique and flair as suits each player. It is after – all the differences that make the difference.

Your coaching experience will include resourceful and thought-provoking material, techniques, and method to help you be the best you can be.

Progression and Achievement

Progression is almost always served best by consistency and continuity aided by honest communication. We are confident that with consistency and continuity, you will have moved forward from your start point and we expect to help you achieve above expectation.

We look forward to working with you.

Russell Wyatt

ECB Level III Advanced Coach

P.S. You can use the form on our contact page to book a session!

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